Monday, July 30, 2007

Hunger Strike

There come times in a Mamma's life when she is truly sure she has made the wrong decision...This is one of them
After school I told Raisin Boy we were going to go to the grocery store to get stuff for diner. He really wanted to go to the park, I said "No Park tonight" we have to go get food for diner.
While in the store he proceeded to battle with me about pushing the cart then hit some one with it. He then decided he wasn't going to "be my friend" and walked away from me, in the middle of the busy store. I chased, leaving my cart and my purse in the middle of another aisle. Now if this had been me 35 years ago my mother would have left me there and kept shopping...very tempting but not something I am willing to do in this age of freaks.
Here is where I made the mistake....
I said: "you have until I count to three to get up off the floor and come be with me by the cart otherwise we are leaving the cart, the food and your treats and going straight home (then, it came out of my mouth) and you can go to bed with out diner."( soon as I said i could have kicked my self). "1-"(please get up) "2-" (oh god, please don't do this...please get up) "3-" (shit. shit. shit. shit). "That's it get up we are leaving!!!!" (Oh great no I have to follow through on this fuck!!!)
We then walked out of the grocery story with no groceries, hence no food for diner.
Therefore, you got it, NO DINER!!!
I have actually sent my son to bed with no diner. I have always felt this method of punishment was old-fashioned and unacceptable but what was I supposed to do??? I threatened it so there fore I had to follow through. RIGHT? Ug

Take me out to the ball game

I took Raisin Boy to his very first Baseball Game this weekend
Angels vs. Tigers
Thde Angels won 12 - 4 what a blow out
He had Cotton Candy for the very first time. Boy did I regret that one.
He was spun just like the sugar.
After the game all of the kids were invited to go down on to the field and run the bases.
I think he is hooked!!!
He hasnt been able to talk about anything since.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Mamma: "Why do I have to yell at you to get you to do something? Or ask you to do it 15 times?

Juju B (with the most serious look on his face and hand on my knee trying to soothe me cuz I am so upset) "Because I'm a Boy"

True Dat Raisin Boy!!!