Friday, September 21, 2007

School bus rant

Some one is always ranting about the state of our environment and here in California it is all about the automobile emissions. You have to have your car smog tested ever other year before you can register the damn thing. You look at local news reports or newspapers and there are people dedicated to determining the healthfulness of the air on that day. We spend alot of money on trying to reduce the amount of pollution that we put into the atmosphere via out collective exhaust pipes.

As Raisin Boy gets older by the day and I have to start thinking about kindergarten and school districts I have been focusing mainly on, API test scores, parent involvement numbers and weather the school is accredited by one organization or another.

What I have neglected to research is how long my child is going to be on the school bus. Not only will he have to deal with the typical jitters of riding the bus alone, fear of harassment by his peers and the ever scary bus driver who yells at you to sit down. He will also have to be exposed to the incredible amount of crap that comes out of the rear end of the bus.

I only bring this up because it never fails that I am sitting behind a school bus at a light to have it take off and smog me and my car to the point that I cant see if the light is still green.

It gets me to thinking about how fucking hypocritical our state is. You berate us for being "gross polluters" and make us spend an extraordinary amount of dough on our vehicles to bring them up to code yet there are schools being built next to some of the nastiest freeways in LA and our kids are being sent to said school in some of the worst polluting vehicles on the streets.

It just pisses me the fuck off!!!! So much for the preservation of our youth.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bad Words

over the last few days Raisin Boy has been testing the limits of language.
Sunday while at a friends house my friend came in from the garden after fertilizing his berry bushes with Chicken Manure and blurted out "I'm covered in Chicken Shit"
Next thing I know Raisin Boy is squawking "Chicken Shit!! Chicken Shit"
Then this morning I get up to take a shower leaving the Boy to sleep in my bed. When I return he has turned on the TV in my room and is watching a movie on HBO about basketball which must have had some not so appropriate language in it. When I sat down on the bed he asked me "Mom...Can I say Crap?"