Thursday, August 16, 2007

It’s my body!!!

I think most kids Raisin Boy’s age are obsessed with their bodies. Boys in particular are obsessed with their bodily functions and those of any living breathing creature. That coupled with the fact that both his Dad and my Boyfriend have both taught him to play “The Fart Game” (I guess it’s a guy thing) have brought about a number of questions in regards to how his body works.
So, when I was at Costco last week I bought a series of books about the body that included Scabs, The Holes in Our Nose, The Gas We Pass, The Story of Farts, and Everyone Poops.
I figured it would be a good way to explain things in a manner that he can understand since I, obviously, have not been doing a very good job.
Well a week later and what feels like a few hundred readings later he is even more obsessed with his poop and farts than ever.
“Where do the kitties poop?” “Why?”
“Do duckies poop?...Why?”
“No!!! Duckie. Don’t. Poop. In. The. Poooooool.”
“My tummy hurts.. I think I have to poop”
“That man just farted in the store…”
You farted Mommy…you stink!!!”

The funny part about the whole thing is that my Mother was mortified by the fact that I even bought these books for him.
“Great….like he needs to focus more on his own farts!!!” she exclaims.
To which my response was “He’s a boy Ma….Boys are gross…Boys are obsessed with their bodily functions…What do you know you’ve only raised a girl!!!! (Gasp… Silence...waiting for the wrath)
Then she says…Wait for it… “I know you’re right…I guess he is just curious.”
(Yessssssssssssss…..Woo hooo hooo hooo hoooo …She actually said I‘m right…Mark this day in history!!!!)>
I guess even kids are right...sometimes ;)